Welcome to the site of ROLNA NMT DOO METKOVIC.

The company ROLNA NMT DOO METKOVIC was founded in 2016 by a founder from Ukraine, who since 1991 has been working in the field of production, sales and technical support of centrifugally cast iron rolls of various sizes, designs and grades.

The main activity of the company is the sale and promotion in the markets of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and North America of rolls of various sizes and designs.

The company employs highly qualified specialists in the field of design, metal science, technology, heat treatment, etc. These specialists were directly involved in the development of equipment and technology, production and technical support of cast iron centrifugally cast rolls produced at several European industrial plants.

They have a number of patented discoveries and inventions in the field of centrifugal casting technology, heat treatment and special foundry equipment.